When You Should Join a Coworking Space in Lahore?

Shared workspaces vary in features, services, and prices. Depending on your membership and location you choose, you might get a place in an open floor plan, private office, an opportunity to participate in networking events, a place to show off your work, develop new skills through learning programs, or even have access to appropriate space meetings your needs. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and those who work remotely flock to space that gives them the benefit of working in large corporate buildings while paying only for what they need. The demand for coworking space in Lahore is expected to continue to increase.

However, even though coffee is unlimited, exposed bricks and flexible options are good, the price can be quite expensive. With some estimates, the amount paid by members for the allocated space can reach 7x the amount paid by the company for the same space in the same market. Even with all the services and facilities that the room offers, it might not be worth it for everyone. But at Mangospace we offer all sophisticated facilities at reasonable prices that can be suitable for any startup or organization.



Here are four reasons why paying for a shared workspace might be appropriate for you:

  1. Your team develops into new markets

When your company expands to new places, you may not have enough people in the city to justify getting an entire office. The co-working space gives you the flexibility to give employees a place to work and meet clients in your new city without having to commit to a long-term rental. Large companies such as Silicon Valley Bank and Reddit have also rented space for employees when they begin to take root in new cities.


  1. You need a place to meet with clients

Chances are most freelancers can do most of their meetings online, but if you are a freelance lawyer, consultant, or other clients who faces a role, you need a place to meet with clients. Yes, you can meet in their office, but paying a relatively small monthly fee for a shared workspace that gives you access to a receptionist and conference room that can help you look more credible and established in the eyes of your clients might be worth it.


  1. You want to expand your network

Many co-working spaces boast of creating a sense of togetherness with individuals who have similar thoughts who can feed one another. By working side by side with people from all walks of life who are interested in startup and innovation, you never know who you will meet who can give you great advice, offer introductions to new clients, or even join you. Many coworking spaces in Lahore have networking events for tenants as well.


  1. You are lonely

Working at home is possible for a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it’s possible for many people. One week in a previous job I was offered the opportunity to work from home because most teams worked remotely. Day 1 was amazing, I was wearing pajamas all day, cooking lunch, not having to worry about being caught checking Facebook occasionally, it was perfect. Day 2 is fine, more the same. On day 3, I visited the office for lunch just to see people. On the 4th day, I returned to a full-time office in business attire that I hate wearing because I can’t stand alone all day.


Many people develop from interacting with other people, and the shared workspace states that not only during weekdays but through events after work as well. Consider the cost of your membership not only to pay for your desk and other facilities but as providing a work environment that makes you happy, in a refreshing atmosphere, which helps avoid stagnation.