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Why Co-working Spaces are Suitable for Small Businesses and Startups?

Co-working office space has an independent professional crowd that is diverse from various fields. Many successful startups and businesses begin their journey in a shared office space. Shared office space can be ideal for novice entrepreneurs for many reasons.

# 1. Basic facilities

Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, lighting, chairs, tables, cleanliness, and sanitation are taken care of and novice companies with low budgets don’t have to worry about overhead costs. Because you don’t have to worry about plumbing and waiters’ time, there will be plenty of space in your mental space to focus on what’s important.

# 2. Network

Co-working Space gives you plenty of opportunities to socialize and get along with like-minded people. Clients in a shared workspace might need your services and you might be able to help their business. In this way, a win-win situation can be created. Brainstorming conversations and information exchanges can save time and money in finding external resources for consultation. For example, said a colleague, experts in the stock market may have brilliant insights about the subject that can help you in many ways.


# 3. Culture

Working from home can be monotonous and frustrating. Sitting in pajamas all day in bed with a laptop can make you nervous. When you step out of your comfort zone into a shared office space, you meet new people and get to know more about what’s being crowded on the market. Coworking space in Lahore gives you a feeling of community where there are collaborative and cooperative arrangements between individuals. There is a bond made with each connection you make. We all hope for interesting and productive conversations, which can occur in communal spaces like this.

# 4 Motivation

It’s easy to lose motivation when you are just starting out and investing a lot of money in your business. When you hear the success stories of your coworkers or seek guidance from them, you will find much-needed support in this phase. They will tell you how they make it and it’s always the life of a roller coaster with more downtime than going up. So, it’s always good to have people with different work experience around you to get different perceptions. The Coworking workspace gives you that and more. When you feel you don’t want to work, you get the urge to work when you see the people around you working with endless enthusiasm and devotion.

# 5 Sharing of ideas

Sharing your ideas freely and accepting lots of ideas can contribute to innovation in your new venture or business. After all, as they say, “An idea can change your life.”

# 6. Save time and energy

Time is money. Energy is an important commodity and must be used only in important places – your job. The Coworking Space Lahore saves you from the hassles of electricity and light bills and you don’t have to worry about where you will have meetings with your potential clients. The shared workspace has conference rooms and meeting rooms to cater to your needs.

# 7. Drinks

Caffeine is a stress reliever for every entrepreneur. The same custom supply keeps you energized and pushed.


The ideas for Uber and Instagram were incubated in the arrangement of Coworking Space and the rest is history. Many startups that are still in the development stage consider choosing a shared workspace to save rent. Flexible working hours make it ideal to start.

here is a good video explaining the pros & cons of coworking spaces

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